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Jeni and Matt

What can I say about Jeni and Matt? Well, for starters – they are one fabulous, laid back and romantic couple whose funny and heartfelt wedding ceremony reflected their love of their families and friends, the Mornington Peninsula, (and in particular, Flinders which reminds Jeni of the West Coast of Ireland where she was born), but most of all – their love for each other.  Jeni and Matt made the most stunning bride and groom, as attested by this gorgeous photo courtesy of Jayne McLean from Bright Eyes Photography.

Mornington Peninsula Celebrant

Mornington Peninsula Wedding


Sharee and Joel

I love working with quirky folk, and Sharee and Joel are up there with the best of them – they are a total delight,   and were such fun to hang out with. It was no surprise that they chucked out all the ‘getting married’ rules. Sharee ditched the traditional wedding dress in favour of a fabulous jump suit, and there was no real proposal – more a realization that their 10th anniversary fell on a Sunday, and what better way to celebrate than with a wedding!!

Felicity Johnston Northcote Celebrant

Photo courtesy of Lucy Spartalis

The Australian native bouquets, colour scheme and choice of location – the Fairfield Amphitheatre, with the mighty Yarra River as backdrop – echoed their country Victorian upbringing, as did the chorusing cockies and the smell of gum trees after rain. The inclement weather was threatening, but just before the ceremony, the rain stopped and the sun came out, creating the most glorious rainbow. The wonderful photographer Lucy Spartalis (www.lucyspartalis.com) documented proceedings in the best possible way, and was a joy to work with.  All in all – it was just fabulous, and I was thrilled to be part of it.

Felicity Johnston Northcote Celebrant

Photo courtesy of Lucy Spartalis


Liza and Noli

I loved working with Liza and Noli to create their perfect wedding ceremony. It was full of romance, tears, giggles, references to their very close families and friends, their shared spiritual beliefs, and was topped off by the heartfelt, honest and beautiful personal vows they read to each other (not a dry eye in the house at that point!!). One of the great things about this job is not only do you meet really fabulous couples, like Liza and Noli, but you also get to hang out with terrific photographers, and be warmly welcomed into superb venues. Thanks David from DLL Photography and Design – https://www.facebook.com/DLLWeddingPhotography– for this great shot, and also Brighton Savoy for having us.

Felicity Johnston Melbourne Celebrant

Liza and Noli at the Brighton Savoy


Kathy and Matt

Kathy and Matt’s intimate, back garden wedding in North Carlton was a ripper. In front of their extremely close families, I shared the story of how they met, their first impressions of each other, what they love best about each other, and their more quirky characteristics. Matt had endured extreme ill health a few years back, so this celebration was really one of life, as well of love. Tears were in abundance, as were howls of laughter. They are one fabulous couple, who I just loved working with.

K & M kissing

Matt and Kathy – Carlton North wedding

Northcote Celebrant

Classy Melbourne Celebrant saying ‘I told you so’ to the groom!!

And this would be me hitting Matt on the arm when I stumbled over one of a number of enormously longwords he insisted I use in their gorgeous, funny and (generally) stylish wedding ceremony. “Please, can I say ‘tireless’ instead of ‘indefatigable'” I bleated, and “ophidiophobia(!) – what’s wrong with ‘fear of snakes'”, I churlishly whinged. Nup – being something of a wordsmith he gets attached to particular words, and all my begging fell on deaf ears! Kathy and Matt are one super, fabulous couple. And again – a home match for this Northcote celebrant (woo hoo)!!

Ghina and Ben

Ghina and Ben were married  at Butleigh Wootton in a romantic, funny and heartwarming ceremony. One that celebrated their families, their backgrounds and their fun-loving, cheeky personalities. There were tears, there was heaps of laughter and there was lots and lots of Arabic ceremonial trilling (or ululation as I discovered it was called). They are a seriously gorgeous couple who I’ve no doubt will have many, many happy years ahead of them. They certainly have great role models – both sets of parents were celebrating wedding anniversaries in the next couple of days which between them totalled 76 years. An added bonus was that I got to speak in Arabic – well I said a couple of words, including ALF MABROUK’ (‘ahlf mab-ruk’ or a thousand congratulations)!!

Melbourne Celebrant

Butleigh Wootton with Ghina and Ben

Northcote Celebrant

Serious Romance

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